Paradise by the dashboard light...

All it takes is a stray picture while googling on a Welsh hydrogen fuel cell car company. The photo showed the interior of the car. A steering wheel and behind it a speedometer. The usual stuff. 

It's a very strange car. It has a fuel cell that delivers eleven horsepower of electricity that still takes the light-weight vehicle from naught to a hundred in ten seconds. To cut a long story short I'd love to drive one. 

Meanwhile there's time to think about that touchscreen next to the steering wheel.
What should be behind that five inch glass? Android or iOS? Those are the obvious choices for being like everyone else. The duopoly holds a large chunk of the market, after all. With millions of users and even more apps, what could go wrong?

Don't even think that thought, OK? Concentrate on the positive, as the gurus say. 

A nice car like that needs an equally nice computer system. So what would it be like? It would be nice, of course. What did you expect? 


A GPS navigator is pretty much a given. A music player. Weather. A clock. ...and shit... I'm supposed to run all those side by side. Can't do that with iOS or Android. One app to conquer them all? No, running those all those apps is a bit difficult on those systems. One at a time. Switch-a-roo-tasking. 

But there are other operating systems that would be good enough. The one that runs on my phone could have all those apps side by side without breaking a sweat. 

So I'm experimenting with my phone hanging next to my own steering wheel. ...and things are going quite well...

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