oh-oh-oh-oh to oh-oh-oh-one

The body is breaking hard but the spirit spreads my wings.


1k steps and fish too

Plans are thickening. ...but the xeniafish will follow.


Spider silk'"

Chilly. Dimitri would have been up by now. The stove would have been hot and there would have been a kettle waiting for morning tea. The dogs would be silently sleeping under the table. But the warmth of the household was missing.


Bits, bends, skins, boxes and angles

Some animals have stashes of food to get them through winter. Maybe we humans need to think that way too, I don't know. But I need to stash some ideas here while I go about gathering some more. Just boring stuff and random ideas that probably never will amount to anything.

Well, I told you.


A rough routed riddle

A route is a list of spacetime coordinates.
It has both distance and duration.
The distance can be viewed on a map.
The duration can be viewed in a calendar.


Paradise by the dashboard light...

All it takes is a stray picture while googling on a Welsh hydrogen fuel cell car company. The photo showed the interior of the car. A steering wheel and behind it a speedometer. The usual stuff. 

It's a very strange car. It has a fuel cell that delivers eleven horsepower of electricity that still takes the light-weight vehicle from naught to a hundred in ten seconds. To cut a long story short I'd love to drive one. 

Meanwhile there's time to think about that touchscreen next to the steering wheel.


Got phone in pocket

Minimalism is such a strange thing. Sometimes I need to spend more than just a little cash to get to where I want to be. The weird thing is that some of that spending leads to a life of less stuff.

I'll give you an example.


Tvättar natten ren så att jag kan sova

Hej och gonatt. Klockan har halkat in på en ny dag men jag kan inte sova. Drömde så vackert om min älskade att det är svårt att somna om. Man vill för mycket, om ni förstår. Så tvättmaskinen får ta ett snabbprogram innan jag försöker igen. Under tiden så tittar jag kring mig i den lilla lägenheten. Det har blivit en del förändringar på sistone men det mesta är sig likt.


Färre än två men inte inget heller'"

Klentrimret hade lastats av brevid vägen. Grundskruvarna stod på en lastpall nere vid landsvägen och det skulle ta flera vändor med cykeln för att hämta dem. Hoppas batteriet skulle räcka. Kunde inte lämna dem därnere över natten. Att det inte gick att leverera till rätt ställe. GPS? Bah!


Exhale and inhale'"

Imagine that you are standing outside a climate shell in the middle of a beautiful forrest clearing. The trees go on for kilometers in each direction but you're right where you should be. This is not at the far edge of civilisation, just  one of the unheard vanilla edges, one of the don't-care-edges. Well, actually it's just close to the edge. ...on the undomesticated side of the border. The house lets nature through it, in every aspect of the word, but you are standing next to the electric car instead of being within the shell. You wouldn't be protected indoors anyway.



Reaching a goal depends on whether you have a goal or not.


Stripped and tiny

Tiny houses... There are so many ideas for those. But for some reason they all seem to follow the laptop train of thought. The building should be more expensive the smaller it gets. Luckily some people think differently and strive for simplicity without a price tag. Some of those ideas really stick, especially those that don't add anything. Those that instead strip things bare.


Dad's machine'"

It's one of the hardest things I've ever done. Building my dad's computer, that is. It takes skill, tenacity and empathy. But it is possible, it really is.

He shocked me one day as we were drinking coffee in his small living room. He wanted to have a computer. Mostly for bank stuff on the net, but also for keeping in touch with family and friends. He didn't like computers, he told me, but he needed one anyway.


Väck inte den cykel som sover

Nu är det ungefär en månad kvar till min födelsedag. Det betyder att folk frågar mig om vad jag önskar mig.

Jag önskar mig en cykel. ...nästan.


Fler fuskfutoner i hushållet

Ibland sker inte utvecklingen i stadigt långsamma steg. Ibland kastar den sig fram utan minsta förvarning. Så blev det med lillans säng. Ena dagen skulle hon absolut inte byta ut den mot något annat och andra dagen så undrade hur lång tid det skulle ta att bygga en fuskfuton eller två åt henne också.

Vad svarar man på en sådan fråga?


Keyboard meditation"'

Most of my days were bad but this was worse. The house was filled with echoes. The sun outside was setting and the beams shrunk, silently creaking. The rain had stopped by four or so but the roof was still wet. The last rays of the sun seemed to drip down into the ground. No wind was blowing and the flaming maples drooped without even a whisper.

I had all the time in the world to test this tiny computer. In fact, there was really nothing else to do tonight.


Det här med bara gråa dagar

Livet är fullt av gråa dagar. Inte bara vardagen bjuder på slentrian och jämnjävlighet. Det smetas in över helgerna också. Den där kalla blöta filten glider in förbi helgmålsringningen. Ibland får även rena festdagarna ducka för gråheten. Firandet dränks i jante och apati.

Inte ens de nära och käras viktiga dagar tycks gå säkra när det mulnar på.


J2 is not a phone"'

This article is a reprint from [fake] magazine. The author of the original has allowed us to publish the entire article with only one limitation. He states that all facts are fictive and should not be spread to naïve viewers on the world wide web. ...especially not to those who are anxiously waiting to replace their [brand] smartphone.

It is highly irregular to compare the release of an electronic device with the making of a classic work of art. Therefore we usually refrain from such practices, so even in this case.


J2 - Careful what you wish for"'

One of the rules that guides my life is "be happy with the scraps you get". There has been few times that I have wished upon a star if you know what I mean. But even a blind chicken stumbles upon some corn.

The Jolla phone was one of those rare occasions. It took years of wishful thinking to finally get a complete Linux system in a phone form factor. ...and it didn't take a miracle either, just some Finnish sisu.

The days pass and the Jolla is my main phone. My only one to be honest. It goes where I go and serves me well.

So it was only logical to start hoping for a smaller phone that my fiancé and our two children could use. My head has been orbiting that task for most of this year, you know that. During all those hours thinking about the smaller phone for my loved ones, the thought of the next phone for myself has been put aside in a more shadowy part of my soul. Wishing for oneself is dangerous and should be avoided.

But today I will make an exception to that rule.


An old friend left behind"'

The train dropped me off at the rural station building. People that I almost knew spread out into the nearby village with uncertain waves of hands. It was sort of a homecoming but my heart was elsewhere. The kids had their own lives now and there had been nobody to move into our old house.

We once had bees here by the station. Nobody knew, except the fantastic old lady that used to own the building, of course. She loved the honey we gave her every spring and she even loved the bees. The tiny garden had been neglected both before and after her time there but you should have seen it when it was hers. I missed the talks we had about life and all that hardware we had to make life comfortable.

Like our phones. It was those who kept us in touch, up to speed and alive, in that order. And she was the one cracking the whip for more technology. Imagine that.

The old spruce tree was still there on the other side of the track. It marked the beginning of our site. I listened to my headset to hear the muffled knocking when my phone reached the wireless network. I hadn't been here for almost a year. Would it still talk to me?